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Funchal. Eigentümer, die an Touristen vermieten (und hoffentlich eine entsprechende Lizenz haben), müssen nun bis zum 28.12. beim Rathaus den Nachweis der "inicio de Actividade" vom Finanzamt vorlegen. Der Staat will damit sicher stellen, dass das Einkommen aus den Lizenzen auch versteuert wird. Anbei ein entsprechender Artikel von Dennis Swing Greene.

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“Forewarned is forearmed”


Dennis Swing Greene

The new legislation regulating Local Lodging (Decree-Law 128/2014 of 29 August) clearly defines registration renewals both in terms of what needs to be done and when it must be accomplished.  Those who acquired permission to exercise Local Lodging under the prior statutes (as of 2008) must present a completed Business Registration form issued by Finanças at the local municipality confirming their business activity registration under CAE 55201 or 55204 (furnished accommodation for tourists) of Category B (sole traders). This presentation is to take place within the 30 days following the legislation coming into force on 27 November 2014.

Following this update and within the same 30 day period, renewing Owners/Operators will receive from the “Balcão Electrónico Único” (One-Stop Internet Clearinghouse) an “AL” Identification Number which is central under the new rules of Local Lodging.


There are stiff fines for failure to comply as follows:

Individuals:     minimum:    € 2,500     maximum:    €3,740.94    

Companies:     minimum:    €25,000     maximum:    €35,000

This procedure falls in line with the overall philosophy of this new legislation: “the Carrot and Stick Approach”. Obey the law and you will be rewarded with simplified bureaucracy and low taxes. Run afoul of the new rules and you face heavy penalties.


This reporting requirement puts to rest the controversy regarding the optional nature of operating under Category B or Category F.  As summarised above from the new legislation, only those registered in Category B (CAE 55201 or 55204 - furnished accommodation for tourists) can exercise Local Lodging.  

Those providing accommodations to registered Operators for onward Local Lodging operations must declare under Category F (Rental Income).  This form of income is taxed  at a rate of 28%,  7½ fold higher than the rate for Local Lodging under Category B.  For example, annual rental income of €15,000 will pay €4,200 in Category F as opposed to just €563 in Category B.  In addition, Category F rental income cannot recover VAT paid on overheads as is normally the case under Category B.

Local Lodging Renewal

Those who thought they had sorted out their Local Lodging requirements now have an important task to accomplish to avoid steep fines and unwanted attention from authorities. If Non-Residents do not plan to be in Portugal in December, they should arrange for their Fiscal Representative to report to the Câmara.  If no Fiscal Representative exists, this might be the chance to appoint one to handle such unforseen events.  Some Expatriate Services Companies offer Fiscal Representation at no extra charge with their Local Lodging package.  

The next option is to let your Property Manager handle the matter.  Unfortunately, many managers, while skilled in property matters, may be uncomfortable handling bureaucratic issues.  Finally, a friend or a neighbour might be kind enough to sort out the problem.

If you are still confused, there is still time to consult with an informed professional.  Given the potential fines, it is vital to get it right. With the countdown clock ticking away, the time to take action is at hand.

Dennis Swing Greene is Chairman and International Tax Consultant for euroFINESCO s.a.


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